October 1, 2015

61 October 2015

SCNC/SCYL UK were at No. 10 Downing Street, London, to remind the British government of  the betrayal and lustrous attitude towards the plight of Southern Cameroonians in the UK and the refugee crisis on the shores of Europe.

Cameroon & the death penalty

Death PenaltyBy Julius Che

Today is October 1 and Southern Cameroonians across the Diaspora and in the Southern Cameroons will be in action against a brutal regime. In the Southern Cameroons, this year’s event comes in the backdrop of the New terrorism law whose only purpose is to silence dissent and curtail fundamental Freedoms of free speech, assembly, expression and demonstration. Freedom Magazine shall bring to its readers all the actions as the news unfolds thanks to our dedicated reporters and freelancers across the world.