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University of Buea

By Walter Wilson Nana
The University of Buea, UB, at its 18th Convocation ceremony, March 22, graduated its best student ever. Ursulla Dulvine Njachen of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, passed out with a record-breaking Grade Point Average, GPA of 3.93 in the 20 years of UB existence.

Dulvine Njache expressed happiness in the way she was trained at UB, noting that as a Masters Degree student now in the National Advanced School of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Sciences in the University of Ngaoundere, her future is bright. “In Biochemistry, we have a job market but you need to further your education to the Masters and PhD Levels. Read more CameroonPostline.com


  • Why Julius Che was right in 2004 when he repeatedly asked Mr. Nfor Nfor to step down Disgruntled Militant Condemns Chief Ayamba/Nfor Nfor Rivalry Tuesday, December 24, 2013 By Azore Opio (thepostonlineedition.com) The Acting National Secretary of the SCNC (Southern Cameroons National Council), Mathias Bisong Arrey, has condemned what he termed the ongoing rivalry between the SCNC National Chairman and the Vice, Chief Ayamba Ette Otun and Nfor Ngala Nfor, respectively. He expressed “the urgent need to revive the struggle for our liberation.” “Infighting between Nfor Ngala Nfor, Vice National Chairman and the National Chairman, Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, has paralysed activities in the struggle for our freedom for 12 years,” Bisong Arrey told The Post at the weekend. According to Bisong, they want to steer the affairs of the movement until the infighting is over. “We have not dismissed anyone. We still regard Nfor Nfor as the Vice National Chairman, but unfortunately they have held the struggle hostage due to their rivalry,” Bisong said. He said Nfor Nfor believes that he is doing the job for Chief Ayamba who is not appreciative. “In fact, Nfor Nfor is using the SCNC to enrich himself,” said Bisong. He said the Vice National Chair unconstitutionally and conveniently elbowed out members such as late Vincent Feko, who was Secretary General, Theodore Leke, Thomas Nwancham, late Albert Mukong, Isaac Oben Enow and even Chief Ayamba. “Ayamba himself has coiled away from the struggle,” Bisong told The Post, “we have no confidence in Nfor Nfor and Chief Ayamba.” He said Nfor Nfor goes on missions alone and does many other things outside the doctrine of the SCNC. “We cannot allow our people to continue suffering in bondage while two people rival,” Bisong said. It is against this backdrop of frustration with the present SCNC administration that Bisong Arrey and others want to create an interim administration of the movement until the Nfor Nfor/Ayamba matter is resolved. “When Chief Ayamba was elected in 2003, Nfor Nfor became Vice National Chairman, while Feko became the Secretary General. This arrangement was constitutionally permissible. But Feko became disgruntled with Nfor Nfor and late Hitler Mbinlgo on matters of procedure and withdrew to form his BRISCAMIAC,” Bisong said. He said that trend of discontent continued and gave birth to such groups as SCAPO, RG, SCARM... “From 2003 when the present executive was put in place after the death of Dr. Martin Ngeka Luma and Chief Ayamba was elected National Chairman, it has never been known that the present executive has been dissolved to permit the emergence of a new one with Nfor Nfor as Chairman,” Bisong argued. He further said that Nfor Nfor had made frequent visits to Mola Njoh Litumbe in Buea since 2003 urging him to take over the leadership of the Southern Cameroons struggle. “This rather intrigued Chief Ayamba who could not understand why his Vice should solicit a strange leadership in the struggle,” Bisong said. He said after Njoh Litumbe failed to yield to Nfor Nfor’s intrigues, he (Nfor Nfor) connived with Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora, decided to form a conclave of Southern Cameroons leaders that ended up in the creation of the Patriotic Coalition Front (PCF) of which Njoh Litumbe is the leader. “It is most unfortunate that the premier nationalist group in the country is breaking apart. I regret that some people are tearing the people and the struggle apart. Two wrongs cannot make a right,” Mola Njoh told The Post. “I was a bit troubled when Nfor Nfor dismissed the National Chairman in Bamenda. We are fighting for the liberation of Southern Cameroons and this people are busy toying with the struggle,” he added. Meanwhile, Bisong Arrey said they would revive all the structures of the SCNC such as counties and local government areas. All attempts to reach Nfor Nfor by phone to comment failed.
  • President Paul Biya of  Must Go
  • Dr. Tebo: You just told me that you are a freelance reporter and you were covering a story that has just resurfaced about the regime of Cameroon  failing to meet up with her international obligations vis a vis refugees from some west and central African regions who are currently seeking protection. What really are these persons and in a nutshell, who are refugees and displaced persons? Read further interview with Achu Tamba Chi Muluh  
  • Editorial of President Paul Biya\'s \' the peoples call\' and the profile of the man Ben A. Muna for the supposed 2011 presidentials in Cameroon
  • Read article Here or Here
  • Cameroon human rights report Cameroon, with a population of approximately 18 million, is a republic dominated by a strong presidency. The president retains the power to control legislation or to rule by decree. In 2004 CPDM leader Paul Biya won reelection as president, a position he has held since 1982. Read further: Cameroon Human Rights Report
  • Born with a golden spoon but lotted his country His Excellency Paul Biya was born on 13 February 1933 at Mvoméka’a, Meyomessala Subdivision, Dja-et-Lobo Division, South Province. President Paul Biya is the second President of the State of Cameroon. He assumed office on 6 November 1982 following the resignation of President Ahmadou Ahidjo. President Paul Biya is married and has three children. Born on the 13th February 1933 at Mvomeka'a (Meyomessala) of the late Etienne Mvondo Assam and Mrs MVONDO (born Anastasie Eyenga Elle) Read further.http://www.prc.cm/index_en.php?link=6
  • Africa Report N°160 25 May 2010 Cameroon: Fragile State Cameroon’s apparent stability in a turbulent region cannot be taken for granted. The co-option of elites through the distribution of state largesse, and the emigration of many educated young people provide a certain safety valve for tensions, but Read FurtherAfrica Report on Cameroon Source:160-cameroon-fragile-state.aspx
  • Charter of the Southern Cameroons Youth League Download in PDF >>CONSOLIDATED CHARTER OF THE SCYL<<
  • Resolutions >S.C.Y.L Scretariat The National Executive Committee of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) met in an exclusion session from the 24-28 February 2010 in The Netherlands and Belgium under the chairmanship of Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr. The National Executive took stock of the following issues... Download PDF Version >>PRESS RELEASE. BELGIUM 2010 RESOLUTION<< Download HTML Version: >>http://www.camer.be/index1.php?art=9267&rub=6:1<<
  • Called from the Post Watch News Read further>>Genesis of the Southern Cameroons struggle declassified<<
  • EVERY MORNING, JUST LIKE COFFEE. Torture in Cameroon Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture published 26 June 2002 on the occasion of UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture . Download Document in PDF>> “EVERY MORNING,<<


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Why Julius Che was right in 2004 when he repeatedly asked Mr. Nfor Nfor to step down Disgruntled Militant Condemns Chief Ayamba/Nfor Nfor Rivalry Tuesday, December 24, 2013 By Azore Opio (thepostonlineedition.com) The Acting National Secretary of the SCNC (Southern Cameroons … Continue reading

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